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04-13-2012, 03:01 AM
Short Term:
I'm not ganna go into a rant over these things because I could fill a novel with my grief, but those ferengi boxes seriously need to drop less, we are getting way too many of them and most people don't want to see them because they don't want to be forced to buy keys for them, its crazy how much they are dropping its like a 25% chance off every loot in every zone at any level, I mean really, just make them drop in a specific place or lower the drop rate all together, that way the people who want them can farm them and the people who don't want to don't have to deal with the constant spam of getting them.

Mid Term:
We need some free vice admiral ships, and by free I mean costing only dilithium, this game and tipping heavily on the pay to win side and most people don't like that, it turns them off. This game has so much potential to draw in many more players but when you can't even get the final tier of ships without fishing over $25 or getting the 8k dilithium cap 64 days in a row, it makes a lot of people wanna give up and leave this game, thats why we really need some freemium tier 5 ships to give players something to look forward to and keep playing the game with.

Long Term:
I noticed the space in this game is very odd with the constant warping into sectors and what not, seems very unrealistic (yes I know im talking about a sci fi game based off a tv show here) but it seems rather dumb that nothing is to correct scale and space having invisible walls everywhere.

I know this is a huge undertaking but it needs to be done, sectorless space, make the game one big map and be able to fly directly to any location. If other developers can stream huge open worlds with millions of flora and terrain, then this game can certainly handle a few measly planets and astroids passing by, theres no reason for space to be divided into separate maps except for those few rare foundry missions.