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04-13-2012, 04:32 AM
Originally Posted by Shaddam
don't mean there family's are there kid's so on has enough time passed to make fun of 9/11? what about that movie pearl harbor whit Ben Affleck so on in it going to poke fun at that to?
Didn't those kind of jokes already start? Wasn't there a comedy about a few wannabe terrorists recently?
Humor is just one way of dealing with such difficult issues

Of course, this isn't even about ridiculing the Titanic. It's about ridiculing the trend to re-release old movies with new SFX or 3D or whatever t make some extra buck, and the trend of some movie makers these days to focusing too much on their special effects. E.g. Micheal Bay explosions, JJ Abrams lense flares, James Cameron's 3D.

If you find it distasteful, that's just an added aspect of the humor, actually - consider that Micheal Bay et al glorify combat and war where real people die, but we all go to see it because of the awesome explosions and seeing all the military hardware in action. (I am gonna see Battleship next, probably.)