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04-13-2012, 04:23 AM
Are you sure?
My Tetryon Glider after nerf do 48 damage per hit. Some calculations:
Dual Cannons/Turrets shoot 1.33 times/s on avarage
Dual Beams shoot 0.80 times/s on avarage

[avarage number of shoots per second = 1 / (DMG / DPS) ]

Tetryon Glider doing 48 Damage to all shield (192 damage total) do:
64 (256 to all shields) DPS per Turret/Dual Cannon
38 (153 to all shields) DPS per Dual Beam

I have 3 Turrets, 2 Dual Cannons and 1 Dual Beam, so total DPS given by tetryon Glider is:
64*2+64*3+38= 358 DPS to one shield

And it is 1433 total DPS vs all shields [and please note - if you are using abilities increasing number of shoots per attack, like cannon rapid fire, this value is even higher)

Stock Dual Heavy Cannon MK XII do 256 DPS (without modifiers).

Now please compare it with, for example, Jem Hadar set giving pity 7% damage increase to Polaron weapons...

Conclusion: Tetryon Glider is not useless. It is not even borderline op. It is op as hell, and I am not going to replace it with anything unless Cryptic make it as effective as other sets by either giving it damage cap of 15-20 or limiting its damage to one shield.