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04-13-2012, 04:55 AM
Personally, I find Tetryon to be underwhelming as a base weapon. They're great if you can get the weapon proc, but once the shields are down you're not going to see any real benefit from them unless they happen to get a sudden resurgence of shield power, so their added benefit is almost completely useless at that point.

However, with other weapon types you'll still get a chance to see that bonus proc regardless of if they have shields or not, which is where I find Tetryron Glider particularly useful. You get the benefit from whatever weapon you have, and some added shield damage when the Tetryon damage from the glider procs.

Antiproton has an expensive console because it's flat damage weaponry, which is very attractive to a lot of DPS who prefer to flat burn enemies. Stronger Crits more often, some might not call that as negligible as the benefit of Tetryon.

To be perfectly honest, I'd probably move to just about any weapon type but Tetryon. Keeping the glider is still very nice though, because while you're not focusing so directly on the Tetryron damage, you still do benefit from it by having it there.