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04-13-2012, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by mightylinkist
I just started this game last week and I've already blown through most of my officers, and yes I try to assign the best ones for the right jobs, still losing them like crazy, now I can't even create any assignments because I don't have enough officers, I'm either ganna be forced to raid the c-store very soon or blow all my ec on the auction
Personally, I will rarely start an assignment unless I can stack it to at least a 75% chance of a good outcome. When you're first starting with the Doff system and only have the initial 20-officer cadre, don't obsess over having all 20 assignment slots filled all the time - it's impossible to do without sending some Doffs to their doom. You're not going to be earning Commendation XP very quickly, but that's okay. Your goal at this point should be to fill up your Doff roster.

To do this, be sure to pick up every single recruitment assignment from the 4 Personnel Officers at Starfleet Academy. The Cultural Exchanges give you 1 Doff each, General Recruitment gives you a pack of 5 Doffs, and the departmental Cadres and Civilian Recruitment usually give 2 or 3 Doffs. They all have a long cooldown, unfortunately (1 or 2 days, I don't remember for sure), but keep checking back and run them again as soon as they're available.