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04-13-2012, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
If an uncommon one is the best, it's not good enough... If fail, they die... as simple as that.

Try to focus on doing the colonial chains found in clusters, and the Cultural exchange missions found at SFA/Klingon Academy, untill you've build up at least 2 of each officer types.
Look, I really don't think you are understanding here. It isn't that they die that is concerning me. Its that they are dieing on low risk, high success % missions a lot more often than the risk suggests.

If these were 'high' or 'extreme' risk missions I would be more understanding. Furthermore, the casualty rates are a lot higher than I was seeing not that long ago.

Even to the extent they don't die, how often should they be getting injured on a low risk mission?