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04-13-2012, 10:18 AM
any paticular reason you're using low level gear? Also why not one of the sets for impulse/deflector/shields? Jem set is very easy to get and works quite well, breen set would even be better than what you have. Both of those are mission rewards and don't require major STF grind or alot of EC.

For the weapons that's where I tend to spend my EC and get rare or very rare XI and XII sets off the exchange. Your TAC consoles are also all over the place, torps do plenty of damage on their own, just get the 2xcritD chance ones and save the consoles for energy weapon boosters. Aim for the +26% ones and stack 4 of them.

Also in an escort you need to be running full 125 weapon power, you have less shields for a reason, the target isn't supposed to be alive long enough to deal damage. I also run tac team, sci team, emergency power to shields, and etc on my defiant to keep the shields up. You want to be damage oriented in an escort.