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Originally Posted by njdss4 View Post
I've run a ton of normals (over 40) and I've only gotten a couple of Common Borg Tech drops across FIVE CHARACTERS. 5 EDCs for one piece of MK X gear is ridiculous. I lose a vast majority of the Rare Borg Salvage rolls, so other people get two pieces of gear from one run when it takes me 5 runs to get one piece.

STFs are a horribly boring and frustrating grind when it takes so long to get so little. Every player should get an EDC AND 1 Rare Borg Salvage for every run, and completing Optionals should give a Borg Tech piece and another Salvage for everyone to roll on. Then it would feel worth my time. Until then, I officially give up on STFs. I wasted enough of my life running dungeons in WoW back in the day, and STO's STFs are far less rewarding.
Hmm. I'm not sure that makes a lot of sense, actually. Let's compare the differences and your expectations.

In WoW, the highest 'raid' gear which you can get through 'badges' has a weekly cap. You certainly can't get a set, let alone most 1 piece in the first week. You can get accessories (think of them as consoles in STO) maybe in the first week if your class has a ranged or relic slot. But, anything substantial, you'd have to wait a minimum of 2 weeks for a single piece. Worse still, none of these confer set bonuses.

Now, in STO, you can get a single piece in at most 5 hours (that's assuming 1 EDC per run and getting a piece of the Borg set). 5 hours is soooo much less than 2 weeks. Multiply this by 3 for the entire Borg set (15 hours. 3 days if you do 5 hours a day {like weekends})

Let's go the other direction and assume you instead want to do a MK XI set. Multiply that by 5 hours by 8. Assuming, of course, you don't get any rare salvage. 40 hours, you can do in 8 days if you only do 5 hours a day (3 weeks minimum for the entire set if you're vigilant on the time you need to take daily). Let's assume you stretch it out a bit more. For a single piece, you can get this in about 2 weeks. (6 weeks for an entire set with set bonuses if you take it a slower pace.)

I'm not exactly buying the logic that the grind is worse here except for the top of the line elite level gear. (Which, incidentally, is roughly at what WoW is at end-game raiding's time investment.)

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