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04-13-2012, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by deathray38
All 2.5% bonuses are negligible, Tetryons are just as useless as other stuff. Evcen antiproton bonus is negligible, 20% damage increase to criticals is not even 5% general DPS increase... I have three reasons to use tetryons:
- Damage consoles are very cheap
- People rarely use armor consoles against this weapon
- I like blue beams/projectiles
No, Antiprotons are decisively stronger than tetryon because AP affect both hull and shields, while tetryon procs are only useful while the target is shielded. Furthermore, AP damage scales up dramatically with increased critical hit rates provided by AP-Alpha, AP-Omega, Starship Energy Weapon Specialization, Borg Universal Assimilated Console, etc. Of course, you need a tactical captain to maximize antiproton damage.

I previously used full tetryon weapons and matching consoles, but after switching to antiproton weapons, the damage stats and kill counts at the end of multiple PVP matches showed me how much stronger AP was over Tetryon.

EDIT: Rare AP Mk XI Consoles are the same price as all other Mk XI consoles in the Dilithium Store (around 11k dilithium), so they're not that difficult to get. Each Elite STF nets 1100 Dilithium, so that's 10 elite STF's per console.