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04-13-2012, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
This is a great explanation on how the new STF gear can be earned. Thanks for posting! /stickied


Brandon =/\=
Bro, forgive me if this sounds harsh.. But....

Earned??? Are you serious??? Do you even play Elite STF's?? The MK12 stuff can't be earned..
Earning would imply that I play 'X' amount of missions or work be done to 'EARN' a reward. And it would be equal across the board for all players. EDC's are the only thing earned in STF's at the end of each mission.
The Mk12 Prototech is only given upon the variable of the player rolling 17 or higher on their 20 sided dice.
Quote from Gozer: "the odds are about as good as its going to get for a while... put simply.. if you were rolling a 20 sided dice.. a roll of 17 or higher would get you tech... roll that dice every time you complete a stf"
According to that quote i should be getting a Borg tech for every 5-6 Elite STF's missions..Even a Tech every 20 elite stf's would be acceptable but it Doesn't happen.

Many (and i mean many) STF players have complained about having run many missions without getting the appropriate tech or any tech. Some players have over 500-1000 missions without getting a complete set. I myself have done over 400-500 missions and finally gave up for now. I got 3 prototechs to complete 1 set for space. For ground i had a total of 7 prototype tech and 3 Rare Tech for the ARMOR tech. 1 Prototype Tech and 1 Rare tech for Personal Shield Generator. I have ZERO Prototype borg tech dropped and 1 Borg salvage for weapons. What the hell am i going to do with 7 prototype borg tech for armor?? I would think after 500 missions i should have earned ALL of the appropriate borg tech awarded. But according to Gozer if i don't roll the Dice just right I won't get squat... What a bunch of BS..
The reason we play ELITE stf's is for the MK12 stuff not for the Rare tech. But playing the missions for some Random number to be rolled utter non-sense..
I have over 500 edc, 150 Rare Salvage, and over 100 Prototype Salvage.. Can't do much with it. I could turn it in for Dilthium but that's a waste of time since you can only refine 8,000 max a day.

How to fix the problem?? Allow us to turn in our EDC, Borg salvage, and Prototype Borg Salvage for MK12 stuff. Even if it's a high amount it would give us a goal to achieve and we would actually EARN it.