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The I.K.S. Ch’Tek was a retro-fitted Bird-of-Prey in service to the Empire that had seen many victorious and battles filled with glory against the BORG. The Ch’Tek was outfitted with the latest MARK XII armaments to support the battles fought by those elite enough to be part of the “Klingon Honor Guard.” Her crew had served the Empire with honor unmatched.

Now, the Ch’Tek sat stationed, in the Traelus system awaiting an opportunity that the commander would accept to go maurading. Several opportunities had passed, leaving the bridge officers and duty officers uneasy. No one would voice their concerns and openly question the commander, but when an Andorian Freighter was detected on long range sensors, and ignored a growing tension begin to fill the bridge.

K’Tomok, the KDF Tactical Officer was monitoring the hacked feed to the Federation listening channels that had been planted on Bajor during the taking of Deep Space 9, and turned to the commander, “Encoded Federation Message From Starfleet Command incoming.” K’Tomok began initiating the sequence codes to decrypt the transmission and played the message for the commander to hear.

“Admiral QuIn: I wish that it were under a better condition that I am contacting you. However Starfleet finds itself needing skilled officers to form a task force to investigate research facility*Harmony Station. It is operated by a conglomeration of corporations that pool there resources to advance technologies for the Federation. As well as serving as a major trade hub for the sector. At present there is a Starfleet sanctioned think-tank working on the Undine problem. Sorry that I can not go into further details but it is highly classified. 12 hours ago Harmony Station went dark and we have lost all contact with the scientist inside.*

Your current orders are to proceed to Harmony Station in the Risa Sector and reestablish, and if necessary regain control of the faculty.*

A detailed listing of the Stations layout and last know status will be messaged to you upon arrival. Admiral Quin out.”
Miriel Shadowblood smirked, as she leaned forward in her command chair. Her long red hair flowing and her green eyes alight with a fire. She was a joined Trill and a member of SOLSEC, but she also served the Empire, for honor and glory in battle, and gold pressed latinum. This was what she had been waiting for. She stood and turned to her officers. “Set course, and engage cloak!”

The officers of the I.K.S. Ch’Tek executed her command with vigor as they prepared to raid the Federation as the retro-fitted Bird – of – Prey slipped into warp speed.