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04-13-2012, 02:56 PM
1. Difference is still negligible. Critical hit /severity bonuses from consoles/abilities/skills work with tetryon too, only difference is this 20% severity bonus. And it is not worth changing entire starship build, since I already have mk XII Tetryons and proper consoles.
2. Tetryon effects are useless once shields are down... right. But 95% of time in PvP I am fighting against shielded opponents, and once my opponent lose his shield, he is dead anyway - so main goal is taking his shield down as fast as possible. Therefore Tetryon effect is useful (but still negligible).
3. Tetryon effect is not boosted by damage multipliers, but is boosted by flow capacitors level. I have very high flow capacitors level. On the other hand Antiprotons give 0.2% dps increase per each 1% of critical hit chance. Both bonuses are negligible, even if Antiprotons are slightly better, difference is not worth changing weapons.
4. My tetryon glider after last nerf do -48 shield drain.