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04-13-2012, 03:27 PM
Critical Hit, Severity, and multipliers do NOT boost tetryon's shield drain effect, only its base damage. This amounts to a DPS loss when compared to weapons like AP whose +20% Crit Severity bonus is directly increased.
Of course they boost base tetryon damage, just like they boost base antiproton damage. Antiproton damage is simply bossted slightly further

I'll probably agree here, but only because I drop high yield quantums through open shields when possible
Yes, it is one of viable options. Main problem is taking shields down first, and Tetryons are somehow useful in this job.

Tetryon Shield Drain is also diminished by Power Insulators, and based on the last set of patch notes, power insulators seems to have gotten a boost.
There are ways of mitigating all types of damage, tetryons are not exception.

If you want, I'll be happy to test my AP ship vs. your tetryon ship. This way we can compile hard numbers to test each weapon type's effectiveness. I'm also running Mk XII AP weapons on my ship, so it should be a reasonable test.
Difference between these two weapons is negligible, so 1vs1 duel will show differences between ship builds, not weapon type. To make test useful, we should test same weapon type on same build on same target - it is only in-game way of evaluating tetryons vs antiprotons value. Thats why I prefer pure calculations - it is much more accurate then in-game tests. But if you just want nice 1vs1 duel, why not?