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04-13-2012, 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by deathray38

Difference between these two weapons is negligible, so 1vs1 duel will show differences between ship builds, not weapon type. To make test useful, we should test same weapon type on same build on same target - it is only in-game way of evaluating tetryons vs antiprotons value. Thats why I prefer pure calculations - it is much more accurate then in-game tests. But if you just want nice 1vs1 duel, why not?
If I understand correctly, we are trying to compare AP weapons used by a crit-optimized captain vs. Tetryon weapons used by a drain-optimized captain. I have the former, and your captain should provide the latter. We will need a 3rd party test fire target so that we can compare our builds and weapon numbers against the same target. We can also duel 1-1 if we cannot locate a player willing to serve as the test-firing target. Once we've done a set number of kills, we can check the damage totals to see which one delivers better stats.

EDIT: Something else I forgot to mention -- given that STF Borg have massive hull points and rarely regenerate shields, when you engage these in combat, you will be hitting bare hull about 90% of the fight. This puts tetryon at a big disadvantage for STF's. AP has enough flexibility for either PVP or PVE, while Tetryon would only shine vs. PVP targets with more shield recovery and lower hull totals.