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04-13-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Significantly improved the odds of getting rarer color variants of the Jackal Mastiff Pups.
  • Updated the descriptions for the Lobi Crystal Store costumes to indicate which players/factions can use the items.
  • The partially-invisible Combat Mugato has had his "cloaking" abilities adjusted.
    • He's no longer so... transparent.
Zero what are the rarer colours, just to have it clarified, as i have the white one on my klink and a brown one on the fed. Just want to know what other ones there are, also a big thanks for the art team for letting me finnaly have a jackal mastiff been pestering since beta for one.