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04-13-2012, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by deathray38
Test will show effectiveness of one ship build+character development vs other build+character development. On top of that abilities timings and individual skills are more important then anything else... Basically it's like trying to measure sub-atomic particle size using standard microscope... It's not possible this way. Of course there is nothing wrong with little duel - but it will not give clear answer neither way.
My assertion is that Anti-proton weapons will out-damage tetryon weapons when user-captain is properly spec'd to take full advantage of critical hit rates and maximized critical severity. Your assertion is that tetryon will deliver comparable or better results. This is why I've proposed putting the theory-crafting asside and perform a live-fire test vs. the same target. The arena stats will record all numbers empirically. Multiple tests will allow us to plot average damage and minimize experimental luck factor. I'm pretty sure I can get a fellow fleet member to serve as a target dummy. After we've compiled the numbers, I can post the results here.

Once we're done testing, we can duel to test our individual captain and ship builds.

UPDATE: We ran a few 1-1's. Unfortunately my build kept getting a positional advantage due to tractor beams, so the dog-fight results could not be relied upon. We then tried a few stationary firing duels using only 2 cannons and 2 turrets per ship.

EDIT: In the latter tests, damage was roughly the same, but your build had 2 Omega pieces equipped, while mine did not. Sorry for this oversight, since this presented better results for Tetryon than its actual damage output (The Omega Set Tetryon Glider proc was doing the real work, not the Tetryon weapons themselves). We can re-run these tests with either no tetryon glider bonus present, or both ships running it so that the set variables actually match. I would recommend removing the Omega Set items in the next test so that you can get accurate Tetryon vs. AP weapon comparisons.