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04-13-2012, 05:05 PM
I've been playing this game since beta, and I have only dared enter a Crystalline Entity encounter twice.

I'm not a member of a fleet, and while I've just reached level 50 for the first time, I still haven't touched any Cardassian or Mirror Universe content., nor done much of any of the missions in the Pi Canis block. I am a casual player, and the pick-up group is usually the right group for me... usually with 4 people I've never played with before.

While I think that all content should be playable and reasonably achievable without a fleet, I do think that that capability should probably only exist on the "normal" difficulty setting. The things that require actual coordination between players probably should kick in at the more advanced levels.. use the normal setting for training new players, fleets could visit these games and watch people play it, seeing who has the "right stuff", etc. Obviously you could tie the rewards table into that, so that to get the really good loot, you'd have to play on a higher difficulty setting.