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Originally Posted by ekental View Post
This is simply not true. Graphing the Damage Resistance curve shows us that the 5 escorts with 10 Attack Pattern Beta III & IIs between them (APB) and either Fire on my Mark(FoMM) or Sensor Scan (SS) will be faster than 4 escorts + 1 science vessel. DPS is lost when an escort dies. Between 5 escorts there is easily enough healing to keep any member with aggro alive to any boss target.
You aren't accounting for the power sucking abilities of well built Sci/Carrier builds.

My fastest Infected Elite run ever had 1 carrier and 4 escorts. Had both transformers dead with more than 10 minutes left on the clock, and the tac cube lasted less than 30 seconds.

They key was the Carriers ability to suck ALL the power from a target, so NPC's like the normal cubes and tac cube (even the Gate) simply lost all their shields and just sat there unable to fire, allowing all the Escorts to hit the targets with their full DPS. The loss of the 5th Escort didn't matter, because even with 5 escorts you still won't be able to burn through the larger targets that quickly, and I've had dozens of all-Escort runs to back that up.

Now I have no idea how to perfect those power-drain builds, but every time I run a STF with someone using one of those setups its apparent how effective they are in improving the speed at which an STF can be completed.