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04-13-2012, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by mightylinkist
Long Term:
I noticed the space in this game is very odd with the constant warping into sectors and what not, seems very unrealistic (yes I know im talking about a sci fi game based off a tv show here) but it seems rather dumb that nothing is to correct scale and space having invisible walls everywhere.

I know this is a huge undertaking but it needs to be done, sectorless space, make the game one big map and be able to fly directly to any location. If other developers can stream huge open worlds with millions of flora and terrain, then this game can certainly handle a few measly planets and astroids passing by, theres no reason for space to be divided into separate maps except for those few rare foundry missions.
you need to think of the lag that would cause, or at least (with the only current lag fix STO uses) that there would only be 75, players in each instance. big map without haveing to jump to another? yes posable, but to not crawl in lag, the # of players would be so small, in an area so large, that you may not see a player for hours in the sector grid "big" map"

I say leave the jumping to other sectors in so we don't have 80% of the players out of veiw of all other players.

(it's workable on planetside, because? there is less players on the huge planetside maps, the largest map that isn't limited to 5 players planetside is Bajor, and it's got? lag. and it's still limited to 75.