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Hey Guys!

I've taken some good advice from you guys and a few Veteran players I've befriended in game. of course with the recent changes to science abilities this'll change again.

After a few PVP experiment matches against my Klingon friends, I'm taking my Science ship Build more serious, although the Foundry and PVE missions are fun they didn't show the true strength/weakness of my Science build as playing against another player. I been experimenting with different combinations and trying them against the Klingons or leveling missions in Elite mode.

Having a D'kyr I mounted a Duel Plasma beam bank, a Plasma Beam Array, and a Photon Torpedo Launcher to the front, and a Plasma Turret and Tetryon Turret, with another Plasma Beam Array to the back, this allows for a 360 degree radius of sustained fire power against a targets Shields with Dot fire damage effect to their hull.

For my Science Boff skills I use Science Team I, Tachyon Beam I, Jam Sensors II, Hazard Emitters I, Feedback Pulse I, Scramble Sensors II, and Tractor Beam Replusors III, these combined with my Captain Science officer abilities (Photonic Fleet, Dampening Field, Sub Nucleonic Beam, and Sensor scan), along with the Inert abilities of my Science ship (Subsystem targeting, Sensor Analysis, Launch Support Craft, and Photonic Displacer).

If I need to switch from Starship Countermeasures to Shield and Energy Draining Team support I have an alternative Science configuration, I switch my Ensign and Commander Boff's which equips Tachyon Beam II, Gravity Well I, and Viral Matrix III, (Replacing Feedback Pulse I, Scramble Sensors II, and Tractor Beam Replusors III).

For my Engineer Boff skills I use Emergency Power to Auxiliary to support my Science systems, Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity to support Hull heal simultaneous with Science team's Shield heals, Directed Energy Modulation for target shield penetration, along with a liberated Borg with the Efficient trait which increases my system's power levels the most economical use of skill points in this efficient system is typically to have low power settings (balanced) as there is no effect once the power setting is 75 or greater so I set Power levels at Weapons = 65, Auxiliary = 55, Shields = 45, and Engines = 35.

And finally for my Tactical Boff skills I use Beam Array - Overload I, which is most effective when used as a finishing blow after reducing my targets shields and Hull Strength, The Plasma Dual Beam Bank will inflict a more damaging Beam Overload than the Beam Array, To compensate for the Hugh weapons power drain I use an EPS Flow Regulator console to assist in energy recovery and store Weapons Battery devices used to instantaneously recover the power, and will even allow for two Beam Overloads to be delivered back to back. And lastly Torpedo High Yield II which has proven to be a very effective ability for space combats in both PvP and PvE. It allows me to deliver massive damage to an enemy's hull once their shield is down, and will fire three torpedoís instead of one at the target.

I've been gearing the Pilgra'us V (NX-199301) D'kyr Science Vessel towards Star-ship Countermeasures, with Shield and Energy Draining Support. Basically a "Cloak Ship hunter" my 24th century equivalent to the "Submarine hunter" the US Destroyers of WWII.

What I need now is to understand how to adjust my Skills tree and Consoles to optimize this build better, To Support (Heal)" my allies or "To Debuff (Hold/Weaken)" my Enemies, understanding the different Scientific theories in real time combat will help me incorporate them efficiently, effectively, and accurately to be superior in supporting my Fleet-mates in Leveling, Fleet Actions, STF's, or PVP.

As always your advice and opinion will be helpful.

Live long and Prosper