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04-13-2012, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by Muirwen
Apart from that, I think a lot of people here just expect too much of what in a game like this, or for that matter in an MMO in general, can be achieved...
Frankly, that's a preposterous position to take.

There is no reason that an MMO can't evolve past the 'collect X of this' or 'kill Y of that' hand-holding missions that it normally achieves. There is no reason it can't borrow from other genres, make its setting more immersive, more entertaining, and all-around BETTER. Especially in single instances.

Whether the audience as a whole is aware of it or not, video games are evolving into a legitimate artform. MMOs have the potential to be this medium's equivalent of social improv, cooperative storytelling, or shared worlds in literature. But only if people stop setting the bar at where they know the developers can reach and start raising it for them to achieve.

For me, they hit that bar and then some in Drozana station. That was creepy, it was scary, it was horror of the kind that makes me turn it off and return when it's daylight out. I know that can be hit; it's happened before in Half Life 2. Drozana showed me you can find it in an MMO.

Now, I expect them not only to meet that level they've showed me they can do, but to exceed it and continue to grow. It can be achieved, and someone will achieve it, as soon as they the developers have the courage to step forward and take the chance.

They have an opportunity here; a large, willing fanbase that wants them, in large cases, to do things that are creative and unique, and will be more than willing to (at times harshly) critique them when they misstep. But on the other hand, despite the rage that sometimes seems to drown these forums, they're still here. They care.

It's time that the developers start trying things to earn that care and reward it.