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04-14-2012, 12:35 AM
I have to agree with the OP as well,
The Devidian episode "What Lies Beneath" did a much better job of creating a creepy atmosphere. Dark rooms and corners, surprise attacks by spiders or the ghost like devidians, with the disembodied ramblings of an insane hologram serving to heighten that spooky feel.
With Heart and Minds the creepiest part is the dev blog, hinting at some hidden horror that simply never appears in the actual quest. You walk from one dimly but still over lit room to the next clearly seeing what your challenges are, there is nothing that is really surprising or even scary, no hidden threat waiting to ambush you from some dark corner, no monstrous creation stalking you as you move from room to room, nothing in the least that could be called horrific. You read a few PADs shoot a few enemies and all too quickly, the quest is finished leaving you wondering what the hype was about.
I'm sure the devs had no wish to create an episode so disturbing that it would give players nightmares but this quest falls so short it's 'actually comical.