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I'm doing something wrong with my Luna but I'm not sure what. Took my first stab at an Elite KA and I cost the team the optional because I simply didn't have enough firepower to kill 4 Elite Probes (got 3, #4 was in bad shape when it hit the portal, but still got away). I don't expect to be a DPS gunship, but I don't want to need rescuing. I thought my build was reasonably solid but I guess not, so asking for constructive criticism, trying to improve the design without turning into another torpedo boat or turret-laden pseudo escort. Also note I don't care about PVP, so don't need to take those considerations into things.

Fore and Aft Weapons Each
2 Phased Polaron Beam Arrays Mk XI (576 DPS + 30x4 Tetryon Glider Drain)
1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI (Borg) (592 DPS)
Deflector / Engines / Shield
Omega Mk XI, 11,633 Per Shield Facing
Shield Batteries, Engine Batteries, Subspace FIeld Modulator
Engineering Consoles (All Mk XI Rare)
Neutronium Alloy, EPS Flow Regulator
Science Consoles (All Mk XI Rare)
Borg Assimilated Module, Field Generator, Flow Capacitors, Particle Generators
Tactical Consoles (All Mk XI Rare)
Polaron Phase Modulator x2, Zero Point Quantum Chamber

Bridge Officers
Engineer Captain (so those inate abilities)
Science Comander
Gravity Well 2 (eng captain so don't have 3), Charged Particle Burst 2, Polarize Hull 2, Tractor Beam 1
Science Lt. Commander
Transfer Shield Strength 3, Hazard Emitters 2, Science Team 1
Engineer Lt
Aux to Structural 1, Engineering Team 1
Tactical Lt
High Yield Torpedo 2, Fire At Will 1
Tactical Ensign
Tactical Team 1

Power Levels
Combat Mode
98/80, 58/40, 58/40, 73/40
Healer / SciPower Mode
51/25, 88/75, 46/25, 108/75

Also just picked up a Liberated Borg BOFF off the Exchange but haven't configured her yet (so her Efficiency isn't added to the power levels), and bought a Thunderchild so have access to a Point Defense console but haven't figured where to put it yet.

My normal combat tactic is just a basic grind away the shields with the beams, stay at range and snaking back and forth to keep 4 beams on as much as possible, dip in for a 3-round high-yield torp burst, swing out the aft for torp 4, then resume beams while on cooldown. Against groups, use Evasive to swing in close and CPB a cluster, or lock them together with the GW. If I see one enemy ship exploding and his friend is right nearby, use the tractor beam to make sure he's as close to the boom as possible (works well on Cure Space).

I know I'm always gonna be the weakest part of a team damage-wise, but I'd like to be able to at least hold my own while performing other functions and not be a drag if I run more Elites. Yeah I could simply swap to an escort, but I have that on an alt and while its so much more effective, it bores me. I like being able to mess my targets up and make them easy prey, single or multiplayer. And I don't want to get so overly specialized that while I rule some situations I'm helpless in others. Trying to trade an A in one thing for a B in everything, a well-rounded design.

So, with my existing build, playstyle, and personal goals, any thoughts?