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# 1 Assimilated Borg Tech Set
04-14-2012, 04:33 AM
OK, I think I'm just missing it here.
I'm currently level 50 and started STF missions because I am trying to get the complete Borg Set. According to the wiki:

"The console is awarded as a mission reward, while the rest can be purchased for [Encrypted Data Chip]s from Commander Roxy on Deep Space Nine, by selecting General Merchandise > Retro STF Gear."

[Console - Universal - Assimilated Module] - from “Assimilation”
[Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines] - 5x [Encrypted Data Chip]
[Assimilated Deflector Array] - 5x [Encrypted Data Chip]
[Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array] - 5x [Encrypted Data Chip]

I've earned the Console but I cannot find the rest of the set to purchase at DS9 being sold by the stf representatives, roxy, etc.

Can someone tell me where the hell this stuff is?