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04-14-2012, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Forjo View Post
But you see, it's not been around that long. It was fixed a long time ago. It came back in the last few months. We just need someone to see this.

Sorry but this problem has never been gone, it has been programmed as it is. I think you're confusing two different problems.

Problems the OP has is abilities do not actually activate when pressed but it still gives the illusion that they are being fired because the animation of ability activation does occur. You just have to keep pressing the ability until it finally works lol.

Thats one issue, and the other one is that the system cannot handle multiple inputs, the issue will only grow worse as multiple things are being done, like distribute shields + ability or some other combinaton. Sometimes the abilities even fight over which will fire first. its just bad coding and design.

And yes this requires too much manpower and things to fix because it will most likely require a total overhaul of that particular system with all the problems and new bugs that may be introduced by it. Just forget about this problem they are not going to fix it, ever.

To them (Cryptic) it is no bug, no bad programming, and behaves accordingly. Who are we do decide whether this was intentional or not. The fact remains though that all (or most) other MMO's have their Ability/activation/ability queuing system much better programmed to relieve the stress people can have because they have to worry about whether a particular ability has really been activated or not.