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The suggestion or/idea I have for each of the commendation tiers is sort of a cross idea between the DOFF System and the Foundry which I am pretty sure is not possible at this moment but hoping one day it can be. What I was thinking is if there was a way to tool in the basics of the Borg RedAlert system as a template and putting in an Icon for say each different Commendation to build upon.

Thought of the idea because it could bring some value into having a character's rank benefit them when looking for content to do and knowing a base line of what kind of mission they are getting into when playing a foundry mission. Would take some development and polishing of some of the lack of tools that couldn't be put into the foundry but I figured if it was on a publish system where it went to an internal shard for later testing it could possibly speed up in a way content being delivered. I sort of came to this idea on the basis of I like the DOFF system but to me it needs more value added imo for when you hit a rank 4 in a commendation it needs more benefit than a photonic officer or a transwarp. The other side of the token is a lot of times you don't know what kind of mission you are getting into in the foundry when you pick one up or if it even feels like its star trek as well as the borg red alerts are fun but when people lose interest in them and it defeats the purpose of them being around so I figured if there was any way to combine 2 systems with a lot of promise with one that has lost its appeal to make them all really come together as a source of end game material that doesn't have to involve an actual story line arc change.

Just an example of one that would be fun is say something espionage disabling a federation cruiser and then replacing the crew with holo disguised members of your crew to inflitrate a federation starbase to get aboard to obtain an item or information. Also could be a very good opportunity too to have these to release fun non-combat missions as well.