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04-14-2012, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by valetheon
DOff Misson: "Secure Federation Trade Routes to Front Lines" Rare

Is something borked with this mission by chance?....Or is there something in this ONE mission that I can't seem to comprehend? EVERY time I recall doing this mission it has failed, and this most recent time I made sure to check some of the %'s (Wish I had screenshot) But before I started it I checked the stats for failure & Disaster.

2 Blue Advisor doffs,1 Green Security doff = 0 % Disaster, 2% Failure

I use similar grade doffs for this mission everytime so each time the numbers are always low as that every time I fail it ^ Failed with 2%..... What gives? Wish I had more info but just really wanted to see who all was actually able to complete this one.
I swear the percentages are messed up somehow. Not sure about that mission specificly but low risk missions seem to generate casualties a lot more often than the stated risk would imply.