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Hi all i was hust thinking that we need a new feature episode series that has to do with the Ferengi. It would go something like this... Ferenginar has had a lot of reforms in the last 3 decades thanks to Grand Nagus Rom he is now requesting to open talks for the possibility of the Ferengi Alliance joining the Federation. But as always somebody does not like this idea as it would give the Federation a decisive advandage against its enemies. The series COULD have different missions for the Klingons and the Federation as having that much acess to extra resources is sure to **** of the Klingons so both factions would be fighting each other in this featured series. Also at the end Ferengi WOULD join the federation and the FED's would have C-store (or other ways) access to Ferengi ships. After all the KDF get to use Klingon, Gorn, Orion AND Nausican ships! we just have a vulcan cruiser to switch things up for us. Tell me what yall think!

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