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04-14-2012, 03:12 PM
The Recon is a fast and maneuverable ship. So, if you don't want to go the torpedo boat road, you have 2 options:

a) 2x Single Cannons + 1 Torpedo front; 3x Turrets aft
b) 2x Dual Beam Banks +1 Torpedo front; 3x Turrets aft

With option A you'll lose your Subsytem Targeting and also quite some damage on long range, so I'd suggest B. In STFs you shouldn't have any issues keeping the enemy in your 90 arc. Energy type is up to you, but if you can get your hands on a nice Photon Torpedo Launcher with [Borg] use it instead of the Quantum or get 1 or 2 Projectile Weapons DOffs. Higher number of Torpedoes means a lot more additional radiation damage hits. The whole point of this is, you don't have to constantly change between broadsides and torpedoes and while it may look like a small difference first, it made my sci ships dealing a lot more damage.

Power presets and batteries:
You have to use all 4 available power preset slots and adjust them to your needs, so you can quickly switch to a power configuration you need.
Example: 1 = 100 weapons, 50 shields; 2 = 100 shields, 50 aux; 3 = 50 shields, 100 engines; 4 = 50 shields, 100 auxiliay
When you exceed 125 power, divert from that category to another subsystem. Also take the additional power of Emergency Power to Shields into account.

For batteries I'd suggest Weapons and Auxiliary Batteries instead. This way you'll always have both full weapons and aux power the same time when needed. Run high weapons power and use an aux battery, for the next spawn change to auxiliary setting and use a weapons battery. Cuts the battery cooldown effectively by 50 %.

Bridge Officers:
Try to get a science captain train your BOff in Gravity Well 3. Every bit of damage and additional pull is helpful.
Get rid of Charged Particle Burst 2. Without any consoles supporting it, it's effect on STF Borg, specially Elite STF Borg, is basically non-existent. At least it is not worth the Lt. Commander slot. Either get the same science captain train your BOff in Hazard Emitters 3 and put Tractor Beam Repulsors 1 in the free Lt. slot or keep Hazard 2 and use Repulsors 2.

With Grav Well and Repulsors you have to 2 types of crowd control that do not have overlapping cooldowns or interfere in any way, 1 always ready when the other is on cooldown. Grav Well can also be supported by Tractor Beam 1, whos global cooldown works fine with Repulsors.

For your tactical officers I'd suggest Tac Team 1 / High Yield 2 and Beam Overload 1. Beam Overload 1 will take out shields on light targets like Probes so you can follow with a High Yield and/or deal more damage with your Gravity Well.

Consider to change your engineering officer to the standard of 2 copies of Emergency Power to Shields. This way you can keep your shield resistance up and Engineering Team will not interfere with Tac Team and Sci Team. Also as engineering captain you should be fine without Aux2SIF.

That's all I can come up with at the moment, hope it is of some use

Edit: A third option would be 1 torpedo front and 5 beam arrays, Fire at Will 2 and Torpedo Spread 1 for your tac officer. In this case you have to be constantly on the move between broadsides and torpedo salvos and the positioning of your ship is a lot more important. Do not spread your Fire at Will between too many targets and whatever happens, do not accidently hit the gates in Elite STFs with it