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Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice on my Fleet Escort build for my Science captain. I don't plan on getting too much into PvP or STFs anytime soon, so this will be used almost entirely for PvE. I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm sure it could be better.

Fore: 3x Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannon, 1x Quantum Torpedo
Aft: 3x Tetryon turret

Jem'Hadar Shield, Deflector, Engines

Tactical consoles: 3x Tetryon Pulse Generator, 1x Zero Point Quantum Chamber
Engineering consoles: 2x Neutronium, 1x SIF Generator
Science consoles: 1x Shield Emitter Amplifier, 1x Field Generator

Cmdr Tactical: Torpedo High Yield 1, Tactical Team 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Lt Cmdr Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 2
Lt Engineering: Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Engineering Team 2
Ens Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1
Lt Science: Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2

I also put the build here, along with my skills:

Specifically, I was wondering about the following:

1. I'm not so sure about my skill point allocations. I didn't really know what I was doing when I started out, and I don't know if it's worth a respec.

2. I was thinking about picking up a couple Phased Polaron Cannons from Boldly They Rode, that way I could take advantage of the Polaron bonus from the Jem'Hadar set and still get the shield drain from Tetryon.

3. Can I do better than the Jem'Hadar space set without grinding STFs?

4. Any suggestions for DOffs?

Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!