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Originally Posted by kronos1996
True but your forgetting all of the reforms that Ferenginar and Grand Nagus Rom enacted at the end of DS9 (after all Rom was a different kind of Ferengi) which drastically altered their cuture. Making it more compatible with the Federation. And as for the defense issue, being part of the Federation helps ensure their protection not to mention many lucrative military contracts with Starfleet. I didn't say i had all the kinks worked out i just gave an idea to the DEV's. By the way i hate the ****ing lock boxes.

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His reforms are drastic, but Rom is still very much a Ferengi. His humanitarian aid agreement with Cardassia turned into the single most profitable contract any Ferengi ever signed, and is something he's have to give up joining the Federation. Even his public education system was a future profit venture. They do have lucrative contracts with Starfleet (which would cease to be profitable upon membership), but also the KDF, often from the same facilities (Drozana, the Alhena deuterium station). We also know from various missions that they're working with the Nausicaans, and enslaving Romulan colonies that have been forgotten by the remains of the Empire.

They're playing every side in this game, actively and profitably. As long as they remain neutral, the Prime Directive keeps the Federation from interfering, and as long as they remain disarmed the Federation isn't likely to bend that rule the way they regularly do with the Romulans. Their remoteness from the KDF shelters them. And for both sides, because of the mutual reliance on Ferengi contracts, the military advantages and disadvantages of intervening cancel out.

Which makes them poorly suited as members of either faction, but does make them viable as an FE enemy, if a situation arises that justifies both factions intervening.