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04-14-2012, 07:42 PM
I thought that it was part of ST federation lore/canon that they would never use a ship that had cloaking devices? Which is why when i first saw the Defiant refit i was kinda scratching my head when i saw it had a cloak. And also as mentioned for the episode mission where you 'borrow' one, they say in the mission that they have all the intel on BoP ships so they dont really need one.

Lastly the Federation should have no need for ships from other factions. They need the technology from those other ships if it is better then what they have. If they find better tech then they will add it into their fleet or add it to their new ship designs. And from the looks of it there doesnt seem to be a shortage of building materials for making Fed ships, so why steal one?

TLDR: Feds arent pirates...if you want to fly a BoP roll a KDF toon