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04-14-2012, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by Tassilo View Post
I don't know, if the drop correspond with the damage done or whatever.

I mainly use 2 toons. A tactical and a science.
The tactical one got about 25 prototype borg salvage on 80 STF-runs, full MK XI ground maco-set and full MK XII space maco.

The science done about 140 STF-runs and got 2 prototype borg salvage and only a prototype shield tech.

What's wrong with the droprates?
So I concurr there is a problem. I have hard data like the quoted poster, and more to add.

When I Killed Armek I got MK XI Tech drop. Not only did I defeat Armek, I solo'd him as 3 defeated party members watched and the fourth ran for his life. I had a great day knowing that my dps was the highest, slaying Armek and getting the drop. Note My dps was highest because i was unstoppable and never defeated. Everyone on my team was defeated so often, we lost the optional. Conclusion: I rocked and therefore got a great reward.
I have sucessfully whipped Aramek over 76 times most on elite and 3 times off-tanking him. Only rewarded once.

In space On my Engineer I never got the drop on MK XI Tech untill I hopped in my Defiant and unloaded a whole lot of whoop-***. Going from Tanking role to dps roll got me my tech. All my MK XII I should add, never in my Excelsior.

Same for my Science. I woop-***, I get a drop on ground. In space it waas only when I went from support role in my Intrepid to whoop-*** dps in my Defiant did the Tech drop start flowing.

There is a REAL problem with the loot drop, That is the REAL TRUTH.