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04-14-2012, 11:37 PM
i fly the galaxy retrofit and love it better than any of the others, i have more options with it than any of the others. ive played with people in STFs and in PVPs, i can tank cubes np (solo), and i do 300k dmg easy in pvp. knowing how to fly it and when to use the saucer separation and how to use it is big, i would have to say that most folks that bad talk the retro just plain out dont know how to fly it. idc what you have to say about that fact lol ive made too many "experts" go "poof" or seen the same in STFs. With the saucer separation THERE IS NO CRUISER that can keep up with you, out turn you, out gun you (if yall were using the same weapon setup) ive met VERY few people that can take me on 1 on 1 and even fewer npcs that dont make me laugh. but all of that doesnt mean anything if you dont know your ship or it doesnt fit your play style. the galaxy with the saucer separation is one of the harder ship to master and if your not using the saucer separation while flying the refit then lol its not for you.