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04-15-2012, 01:45 AM
It would seem after the recent months of teaching my fleet mates the various strategies I have used, focusing most of our attention to what we have always used most effectively - the pulsewave method - is not very viable anymore, i'm not certain if perhaps the encounter has (again) been tweaked or changed...which is frustrating as there is nothing of a mention in any patch notes...Thank a lot Cryptic for making an annoying instance more frustrating with these stupid and unnecessary tweaks...

I would suggest using one person in Melee - do not use pulsewave method from the beginning - have the group burn down Armek quickly from range, the moment the shields come up, have the group run in and use the pulsewave positioning to deal with Armek.

That should be quite effective - until the next stupid tweak that renders it useless...

personally the random issues and changes with these bosses that I run with my fleet with a moderate level of time and difficulty, while still beaten, should not be changed to make them harder...I don't agree with these tweaks - and it only affects the player pool that wants to do these encounters.