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04-15-2012, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by JKirk513
you know what would be cool a federation use klingon bird of prey . Kirk stole commander cruge bird of prey after there battle. either sell it in the C-store or make it the prize for completing s quest set. chime in peeps what are your thoughts.
Hell why stop at the BoP, why not take the whole Klingon Fleet? Why not take all the KDF faction Missions too. Heck let's stop doing this game as two Factions and just make it Federation only.

Sigh, why do the Feds always want the few things the KDF has going for it. I never see a post in the KDF forums asking for the D'Kyr or Galaxy X.

If you want a BoP, roll Klingon or fly the Defiant retrofit.