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04-15-2012, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by maximumname
Like all chance mechanics, some people will get screwed over (fraction of a percent, mind you) or will get (unjustly) rewarded with 5 in a row. They're the outliers, and they're likely to report their unlucky circumstances.

Most will be fine, getting a tech every 5th run, but there is still a chance one won't.

In any case, perhaps the game should keep a behind scenes counter to ensure a tech drop every 5th run instead of relying on statistical averages
It just seems that there is almost nothing in between. Either people are extremely lucky for a while (like me) or they don't get anything after hundreds of runs. Of course, it could be that our perception is skewed because those are the only ones that talk about their experience. But from what we know, something seems off ...