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Originally Posted by nremies1 View Post
Hi gang...looking for your thoughts on whether there's any appreciable difference between flying a Gal retrofit versus sticking with my Sovereign at level 50.

Aside from the slight boff and console differences (which are negligible anyway) they're basically the same ship, but the Sovvy doesn't have that useless saucer-sep ability/console - which in my case sits there gathering dust so it might as well have 2 Sci consoles after all.

The Gal retrofit was ostensibly an upgrade, since you get to pick it at VA after riding around in the Sovvy at RA, but it doesn't really appear to be. My two main Eng boffs are contributing all the abilities I need them to, and the Ensign feels redundant...I'd get more mileage out of a Tac Ensign with Tactical Team, especially fighting the Borg.

So I guess my real question is: did anybody else just stay with their RA-level ship and upgrade the equipment upon hitting VA? It's just a PVE boat so it's not that big a deal but I'm just'd think the new ship would be better somehow.
The RA ships are just as good as the C-Store ships, there really is no major advantage for using the C-Store ones. I don't know where this logic comes from that the C-Store ships are so much better. It's called Game Balance, he RA ships will generally be on par with the C-Store ships or it would throw balance completely out the window. The Day a C-Store ship adds an extra BOFF ability is the day they become better. Tier 5 Ships currently have 12 BOFF abilities split between 5 BOFFs although there are exceptions to this like the Bird of Prey only having 11. And yes, the C-Store ships below T5 are all better than the normal ones.

Take for Example the AE vs the MVAE, the C-Store ship will generally do less damage than it's RA equivalent but what you get is some tricks and a Lt.Com Sci slot which makes the ship that bit more useful in a STF as you can pack more heals or Sci CC's.

The Galaxy R is a great ship, it's an icon and it gets better handling than most other cruisers if you run without the saucer when ever possible. It's BOFF layout is that bit harder to use than say a Sovreign but you can do something with it.

I don't know where the poster who thinks the Galaxy R gets more shields from is getting his info. AFAIK their is no bonus to Shields with the Gal R over say any other cruiser (Oddy gets 15% more)