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04-15-2012, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
You just said something that makes me so very happy. Nothing is more annoying than a person who uses an ability just because they can, and TBR seems to be very flavourful this month. I've seen tanks get wiped because the TBR pushed the Boss back and left them vulnerable. You already said you need to be careful and for that I salute you.

Example: If Donatra is trying to turn to face the tank she won't Torpedo Spam the group, TBR pushes her back and everybody but the tank and me die. I lived by a mere 1% hull because I saw it coming.
Even more fun is pushing donatra away while she chages her cone aoe
An seriously it questionable. This torpedo spread will not kill you even in escort, if you have full shield and hull and use something like EPtS or brace for impact. And higher distance gives you time to do it. Also it makes easier for tank to do it too.
Personally i prefer when she is hittind someone who is not trying to evade because if you go away from her firing arc she really like to cloak. Just stay away from tank and you will not be hit by those torpedoes. And for tank its convinient to push her back to have more time to react...

And TBR is almost always convinient for user (makes it easier to shoot and breakes those tractor beams) but annoying for others, as it usually pushes targets out of their firing distance or behind them...