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04-15-2012, 08:47 AM
High Yield Torpedoes if you use torpedoes, maybe Beam Fire At Will or Beam Target Subsystem (Engines is a good choice- even if you don't proc a disable, the enemy is probably flying slower and thus loses defense, meaning you hit harder). Beam Overload 1 has the drawback of the energy drain - I don't think it's worth the small spike and then suffer considerable damage losses afterwards. The trade-offs are better for Beam Overload 2 and 3. (BTW: I've heard reports that Beam Overload misses a lot more often these days. So far mostly anecdotal, but you may want to check it.)

If you use neither Torps or Beams, then you obviously can't do anything with it. I'd recommend a Dual Beam Bank or a Quantum Torpedo Launcher in addition to front DHCs and aft Turrets, though.