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04-15-2012, 09:49 AM
Alright Demo.

I am an engineer that has been flying escort since.... well maybe a year. Recently bought some extra c-store points and got the Galaxy-X as I've wanted it since forever.... wish I'd actually read a bit more, very surprised at the lack of options with tac Boffs. I'm now messing about with build trying to find the right combination, but at present I've been going all DHCs up front and turrets aft, antiproton vs borg, phaser for PVP. (with the relevant tac sonsoles)

It's awkward with narrow arcs, but I'm not too disappointed with performance... reckon it could be better though, I'm particularly disappointed with the spinal lance, but I think that's cos all my points are in cannon weapons rather than beam.

I'd be interested to see more build suggestions for this ship.... I know I don't have it right yet and that it could be improved.