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04-15-2012, 01:47 PM
originally posted by Cygone
Bloddy hell thats allot of questions, I suppose I better start answering them

I think I have answered everything, if not, please let me know, you asked ALLOT of questions,

Actually, I tried to ask them in a way that you could just answer one or a few, options, answer this OR that.
Thanks for the answers so far, waiting with bated breath for the results of any further tests ( no one else seems to be doing any tests).

Basically, I see it like this:
There are not too many DOF abilities that actually increase DPS, maybe only this one really (at least directly and significantly).
Therefore if you want to see a noticable increase in DPS, torpedo DOFF's are it.
However, people have talked about 3 purple DOF's, but no one has provided hard numbers to show exactly how many and what quality DOF's do what.
You are the only one who has provided any hard numbers at all.
Thus we do not know where a certain number of DOF's or launchers are overkill.

As for torpedo skills, the idea is this:
If you are going to use torpedoes, naturally you want torpedo skills to go with them to maximize DPS.
These skills fire mutiple torpedoes.
Multiple torpedoes means mutiple chance for torpedo DOF's to proc (20% times 2 or 3 or 4 torpedoes rather than just 1).
These mutiple chances result in the torpedo DOF's proccing, so you start firing faster.
Firing faster right at the start will change the nornal firing rate, which means more torpedoes in the same timeframe, which means more chance for the DOF's to continue to proc.
If you get unlucky later, and they don't proc, if you are using 2 torpedo skills (torpedo spread or high yield) every 15 seconds, that means that every 15 seconds you are firing mutiple torpedoes giving multiple chances for the DOF's to proc again, so they almost certainly will, ramping up firing speed and the chance for them to keep procing.
Thus using torpedo skills should result in a faster overall firing rate for this test.
And that should change the results of the test.
And I suggested having 2 torpedo skills and putting them on the spacebar so that they will go off exactly every 15 seconds and thus not admit a variable in the test.
Note also, higher level torpedo skills may fire more torpedoes giving a greater chance for multiple DOF's to proc, and a faster firing rate, especially with either less torpedo launchers and/or less number or quality of DOF's.
It is possible to get multiple copies of spread 3 from one of the 2800 missions.
Without the right tactical slots, you may not be able to fit multiple copies of say spread 3 on many ships, so tactical type ships may have an advantage here.
In actual combat, the advantage of using two copies of a torpedo skill may be that you can maintain a high firing rate with less torpedo launchers or less torpedo DOF's.

As for trying the test with just 1 torpedo launcher, well, very few people use more than one launcher. Therefore, a test that starts with 2 launchers and goes up to 3 does not tell us that 3 DOF's are not good for people who use only 1 launcher.Your tests show that there are diminishing returns as you go from 2 to 3 launchers, that suggests that there may be increasing returns if one drops down to 1 launcher, 3 DOF's may actually be cost effective. However, using 2 torpedo skills may increase the chances for the DOF's to proc, thus maybe allowing you to drop to 2 DOF's and achieve the same firing rate.

Very interested in your transphasic tests, maybe someday, 4 transphasic launchers and 3 purple DOF's.
Your multiple torpedo idea (any type) plus the Klingon Honar Guard set and it's +25% torpedo DPS also might be promising.
And then there is the new Farengi "Rapid Fire Missile Launcher, Behave like torpedoes. 180 degree targeting arc. Quick cooldown .+20% Accuracy. You may only equip one of this weapon per ship " (no other information)
And "Console - Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console
Rare Universal Console +11% Mine and Torpedo Damage +46% Power Transfer Rate +17 Starship Flow Capacitors

If when using multiple torpedo launchers with torpedo skills might endanger the target buddy, I have realised that if all you are doing is testing how many torpedoes you can fire in 300 seconds, they don't have to be hard hitting torpedoes. Mk I common quality torpedoes will do as well for such tests as pruple borg ones, and give no chance of actually killling anyone. Using those, you might even be able to test them against unshielded targets without killing them, if needed.

How did your DOF's get killed, can DOF's be killed in PvP (I selddom PvP)?