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04-15-2012, 01:23 PM
Their seems to be alot of good sceince threads popping up these days, good stuff. This one like most of the other has some good advice it in.

Science comes down to one simple thing really.

Do you want to run 125W and 125S, or 125S and 125A, both ways of playing are more than adequate for anything this game has to offer in terms fo PvE content, (yes I know, you can't run 125 and 125 on any ship other than the Nebula).

With the turn rate of some of the science ships, (RSC/Intrepid, basically) it's very easy to keep your guns in the forward 90degree arc. This opens up some possabilities, if you are running the 125W setup, then their is a stong argument for 2xDBB and 1Torp + 3 Turrets, if you are running the 125A version, then 3Torps +3Turrets (note that this one drops the beam array, so you cant use SSTargetting).

If you want to run the 126W variant, then you are gonig to want to use abilities that eiter work independently from Aux or wherre Aux as little to no effect of them, GW is a good example, yes the linetic damage does down with lower aux, but your not really using the abilty for the damage, you are using it for the sname (GPG), VM is another good one, and can basically completly shut down a target for 11 seconds (if you trait for it, 8 seconds if you don't),

The only 2 ships that I would recomend the 125W setup in are either the Nebula or the RSV (because the RSV can equip 3 energy damage consoles),

Going off post here a little so I appologise.

In an instance like KA where you are on probe duty, then you are going to need some form of CC/Knockback, you frontal damage migh be good; but its not escort good, so you wont be able to solo through with brute force and ignormace. TBR is good and I know that it has been mentioned already in this post. Other options are PSW / GW.

Here is something to take in to account, don't spec into abilities that need SPG, SGG and FlwC, you just dont have enough console slots on your ship to make the damage worth it.

If you decide to use SPG (Starship Particle Generator), then it might very well be smart to run abilities like GW / TR / PSW / CPB / FBP(not really FPB, it just works on SPG as well), and run secondary abilities like Tractor Beam (that also works off of GPG, but does not require slotting consoles for SPG), This way you can run 99SGG, and 189SPG (+bonuses from deflector), and have the best of both worlds,

Or you could chose the drainish route, and slot FlwC on your ship, run 189 FlwC from skills (+deflector) and use, TachB/ES/TR/Tractor (doffed), and again skill up for SGG, so that it benefits the secondary effect for Tykens, Tractor and TachB (doffed),

Other options is the sensor build, and use JS / MES / VM / SS, this will work for some of the STFs, but SS wont work on the probes in KA as the probes have no weapons.

Wow, Im typing alot, I hope that you are getting the idea, but it's alittle hard to undestand when I am rambeling on the forums.


P.S If you run a 125S/125A build, then remember you will only have 3 Doffs that you can slot, as 2 of them really really really need to be PWD. Blue or better.