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04-15-2012, 01:38 PM
Currently running 1 Spread, 1 high yield, 1 FAW-2... thinking about changing to an attack pattern and dropping high yield. Hmm.
tried this today... reduces personal damage slightly mostly due to a lower grade FAW, but it's a HUGE force multiplier for STFs to use Attack Pattern Beta (no one else seems to) in conjunction with FAW1 to really rip hull resistance down to kill fast.

Two times I did it... Elite Infected... someone blows a generator really early. I pop fire at will + Attack Pattern Beta. We still manage to kill the transformer before the nanites arrive.

Donatra... dead really fast... only one vanish.

So, I recommend it pretty strongly. Recon + Beta can help give the DPS edge to a group that would otherwise be lacking (all cruisers, etc.)