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I was doffing around when I saw some of those 'review colonial applications for the yadd-yadda' assignments, and I wished that the chain assignments came up with as much frequency. Which got me to thinking... I'm reviewing colonial applications. These people want to build a colony. Why, it so happens that I'M building a colony... perhaps we could share resources?

In game terms, what I'm suggesting is that certain non-chain, non-colored (so, common) assignments, when completed, 'bump' the RNG for your shipboard and personal assignments to include a certain mission. For example, if I complete the 'review applications for the rolor nebula' assignment successfully, the next time my personal assignments get rolled for the nebula, there's a slightly higher chance one of the colonial assignments comes up.

If I do a bunch of refugee inspections, perhaps I'm given more asylum missions.

Or if I scan a ton of anomalies, there could be a bigger chance of getting a mission where I get to use all those materials I got.

Or, If my doctors are constantly busy setting bone fractures, treating burns, and sealing lacerations, then there's a chance my ops department holds a mandatory health and safety meeting And then when that's done, it lowers the chance of getting all those injury missions in the first place...

I have no idea if this is feasible, but it seems an easy way to start customizing what missions are available to you. I mean, as a science ship, does it really make sense that I'm getting just as many opportunities to infiltrate an enemy stronghold as I am to scan that juicy anomaly for Whateveron Particles?