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04-15-2012, 03:49 PM
Other useful thing is use 2 tac teams on your tactical officers that will give you more damage for 10 seconds (each) and they will be useful to increse your survival on defense (since they have a recharge time of 15 seconds and they re-adjust the siheld) you can flight only on offensive mode. For this you need remove the rest of teams (science and eng) for another more useful powers. And the best of all with luna class you also will have fire to will

if you can buy some of "ten of ten" doff, maybe you find very interesting remove the quantum torp for photon (ten of ten have a 20% to reduce the torp recharge time five seconds, with photon you only will have 1)

On eng, if you have emergency to shield X2, your defensive odd will increase so much flying on offensive mode.

Set five beam and use the three tactical console for a damage increment at your energy beam type. Luna class is a curious semi-"tac"cruiser take advantage for it.

About equipment, I also recomend engine and deflector from omega (to gain the tetryon damage, even now that has ben reduced (snifff) and maco shield, it protect you a lot and it's secundary efect when you are under enemy fire all levels of energy will be raised. And a ressilient shield will be better for your hull.

Use Science Boff to repair your hull, and your eng officer to repair your shield (sound "rare" but, it the most useful thing).

Maybe you can quit the field generator (your ship have a 1.3 shield multiplier) and use that slot to set the point defense console (or another, you will see how you like more).

If you known any player with science captain that can teach gravity well 3, You will have that skill . Ah yeah dont forget repulsor beam... can save several STF elite missions.

A last tip, on "consumable" you can use engine and shield battery and if you can (now I don't remember if luna have three slots for it or auxiliary or weapons battery) why.... beacouse shield battery can save your live. And the engine battery using with evasive maneuvers have a colateral efect, you can use it has a less efective but more agile version of impulse capacitator console... with 0 cp cost). Of course, I known, auxiliary battery are necesary for science ships and weapon baterry always are useful... but if you need quit some of them, quit weapon (beacouse you can fly on offensive mode always or at least nearly).

Good luck, you will say your experience

Thanks to everybody for the fun, sorry for my bad english.