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04-15-2012, 09:42 PM
I noticed that you are running three team skills. One will always be on cool down.

Also, Tac Team 2 isn't much better than Tac Team 1, but THY2 or TS2 is much better than THY1. I personally would lose TT2 and put TT1 where THY1 is, and put TS2 where TT2 is.

Instead of the Engineering Team 2, I would use Aux to SIF 1. That way you still have a hull heal that doesn't interfere with your Tac Teams, and is on a shorter cool down than Eng Team.
Yeah, I thought the cooldown was a problem but I wasn't sure, so thanks for clarifying that. How would it be affected if I made the changes you suggested, plus replaced one of my science skills with Science Team? Should I limit my build to one team skill?