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Originally Posted by eversive View Post
A few hints from what i learned that works both with cruisers and escorts:

- Tactical Cubes
If you get right UNDER it you will take near to 0 plasma torpedoes, on an escort keep the engine to half or so and just point your nose up, the defence will stay high while you will just "hug" the bottom of the cube dishing out a tons of damage with cannons at point blank, with cruisers it's the same except you circle "under" the cube at half speed, with a decent setup the cruiser can tank it forever while the escort "may" need to run away after a long aggro.

- Gateways
Just get UNDER it, the gateway can't shoot there, for a cruiser with 8x beam the best spot is about 2-3km right under it, for an escort the spot is about 3/4km under it a bit forward or backward for having the target in your dual cannons arc of fire.

- Donatra
A good cruiser will tank the plasma spread ending up at 70/80% hull, an escort will struggle to stay alive without breace for impact but is doable, the best defence against donatra is having evasive manouver ready to take you out of her front arc.

Hope it helps.

Excellent tips there, thank you

Just adding my two cents after a week of elite:

- Sitting still and tanking cubes doesn't work on Elite. An Invisible Torpedo of Doom will take you out of your misery very shortly.

- Tractor Beam Repulsors is somewhat useful to ward off Invisible Torpedoes of Doom but I'm not sure. I just stopped blowing up once I knew to keep moving and alternate which cruiser in the team has aggro. If I'm the first assault ship into attack range I'll fire the tractor and sometimes the beam locks on to an invisible target and destroys what looks like the invisitorp. Get the heck out of Dodge to recharge cannon salvoes and the repulsors, then roll in on the attack again. I get out of aggro so that some other big slow cruiser gets aggro and I put extend shields and the 2 extra engineering teams and A2SIF to good use.

Stick to the other cruiser's wing and make sure that guy stays alive while his beams are on constant FaW or overload. So long as he stays alive his autofire keeps the team DPS up.

- Circle-strafing the cube (or attacking whist flying in a circle) with the saucer separated for extra speed works to keep large cruisers alive better than sitting still, but you waste DPS if you orbit the wrong way. When the cube turns to unmask a shield facing, circle strafe to keep firing at the downed facing for max efficiency. I got to try that sitting under tactic later as aforementioned to see what sort of damage can reach directly under the cube.

- Since it's the stupid invisible torpedoes that cause so much problems, polarize hull is somewhat effective for 'temporary armour' and a must have if you can't seem to stay out of tractor range.

- Tractor repulsors are again great to ward off spheres (keep them out of range tractor range from friendly ships). When battling cubes once again stay outside of tractor range. Beams and torpedoes after all can deal serious damage at 10km.

- Lastly, there is absolutely no need to close to point blank range of anything. Attracting too much aggro from cubes and spheres = die horribly. The ability of a cruiser to output constant DPS over a long period of time means it's best to keep the ship fast moving and alive. It's a good thing when the Borg are shooting at my fast-moving cruiser and wasting their torpedoes on long range shots... the escorts can murder them in relative peace.