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04-15-2012, 10:13 PM
To add distinctiveness to my ships I usually add a historical US Navy designation to the back of the ship's name.

Try it out - if your ship name is reasonably short you can type in the USN registry like this - "Lexington CA-16" which looks cool when flying in a team. Like the ship has a short "Omega Force Warship Registration" in addition to its Starfleet "NCC" one.

I'm flying the USS Lexington (CA-16) now, and the next ship I have in line for outfitting is the USS Montana (BB-67) which could be either a tactical Odyssey or a DN.

I usually take creative liberties such as reassigning Lexington to take the CA designation, as the original Lexington of the early 20th Century was a cruiser (CA) to carrier (CV) conversion. In this case I used CV-16's (The Essex class's) number instead of the correct CV-2 cruiser conversion to maintain that I have a generic assault cruiser, not a class-leading one.