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04-15-2012, 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
It's something we hope to redress when Thomas the Cat has time. Nausicaans and a few other species have the same issue. We recently fixed up Ferengi.
Seems like most of the KDF is that way though. Although someone randomly send me a tell many many months ago that I am reminded of now about how like the academy and first city they have awesome uniforms. Usually I sometimes look in the C-Store to see those are up for sale on there since for example those letheans with the hoods I would definately buy that. No pun intended tho on the forum thread title tho but you know you gotta love a lethean in a hood.

Also brings me an idea for a new doff mission or new doff reward. Only time we ever saw letheans in the series they were after one thing only and STO's letheans should be too I think. That biomedic gel thats illegal in the federation... Since its illegal in the federation possibly a mission where you could possibly get some for a lethean to use as a consumable to reduce cool down or increase rapture power? Just a thought(s) for some more lethean love of something to do with them.